Chaos…. and more Chaos!

So I got a letter over the weekend from one of my tutors and it hit me wham! on the head. I mean, I admit I obsess about stuff sometimes. Okay, a lot. It also got me giggling, a number of times. I’m quite sure you will go ‘hmm’ing and giggling too.

It’s about chaos. Yes, the chaos that is real life… Have a great read!

It’s the weekend.

Generally, a time to recover from the week and maybe reflect on
your life a bit.

But this weekend, I want you to think about something.

The average person hustling along, building their business, thinks
that one day it will get easier and that things won’t be so
chaotic.  That one day it will all settle down and all these things
that are making life crazy will be dealt with.  And once the chaos
is gone, you can finally relax and enjoy yourself.

But that won’t happen.  Life is chaotic by nature.  And once the
chaos in one area goes away, more chaos comes in, because that is

Eventually your newborn sleeps through the night. (Yay!)  But then
he’s old enough to walk, and that’s a whole new world of chaos.
Once that’s gone, there’s school and friends and all that chaos.
Then once they become self-sufficient, they want the car.  Chaos
reigns supreme.

But chaos does not equal bad.  

If you went through your life preoccupied about how to calm the
chaos, you’re going to miss all the everyday moments that make
raising a kid the best thing that ever happened to your life.
You’re never going to enjoy the good things that are accessible

When you think the chaos shouldn’t be there, all you’re going to do
is feel dominated by it.

When you accept the chaos as part of the package, you can focus on
actually enjoying yourself.   Even when lots of stuff sucks.


It’s the same with your ittybiz.

Yes, running your very small operation has a lot of chaos in it.
And if it grows into a medium-sized business or a very big one,
you’re going to have all new chaos.  Headaches and sleepless nights
are part of the game.

But here’s the thing about chaos.

It’s not a bad thing.

In fact, we typically enjoy chaos when we happen to call it an
adventure.  Or we focus on the exciting parts. When you finally get
on the roller coaster, you forget about how much the drive there
and the long line was a drag.

The trick is to give yourself permission to unplug from worrying
about the chaos just long enough to enjoy the present moment.

You can pick up the worry later.  But you don’t have to keep it as
a forever friend.

Just because there’s something stressful going on in your life
doesn’t mean you have to stop yourself from enjoying what’s going
on today.  Even if the house is a wreck, you can still enjoy
watching a movie tonight.

The two have nothing to do with each other.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel stressed.  But it does mean
that you shouldn’t bring that stress into times where you could be
enjoying yourself. You can put it down for a little while.

Take some time to think about that this weekend.

There are a lot of parts of running your ittybiz that suck.  A lot
of hurdles you might be trying to overcome.  Deadlines and bills
that seem like they’re going to be the end of you.

But the thing you’re doing in your business?  You picked that
because you LIKE doing it.

Don’t let your stress about the parts that suck keep you from
enjoying the parts you like.

The two have nothing to do with each other.

The chaos always sorts itself out.  You’ve had plenty of chaos in
your life so far, and you still seem to have survived.

The question is are you going to enjoy yourself in the process?  Or
miss out on some peace in the chaos that is 100% accessible if you
just decide to enjoy it?

Think about what you enjoy about your business (or your life, for
that matter).

Think about it a lot.

And when you’re feeling like the chaos is going to make you insane,
remember that it’s up to you to put it down, just for a little
while at a time, to enjoy the parts that are enjoyable.

You can always pick it up the stress later.

But start getting into the habit of putting it down in the first


Go hug someone for about 30 full seconds and forget about the world
in that tiny space.  That’s a good way to practice.

Then you can go back to the chaos.

Have a great weekend.

Great read, isn’t it? And it’s courtesy of Naomi Dunford.

Now, you have a creative and productive week ahead. I plan to 😉


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