On The Successify Project

Not long ago, I met a truly inspired young lady from Romania. It was on a discussion forum during an online course that we both participated in. Our common interest and what drew us to each other was our love for creativity. We both expressed a vision to nurture the innovative tendencies that are rife in our respective communities.

Well, she has a project that is all about developing ‘doers from dreamers’, and to take you from ‘idea to implementation’. It’s called Successify, and with her team they have put an awesome framework together to realize it.  See an excerpt from their home page:


Successify is a place designed to empower young, creative people to put more of their ideas in practice. We focus on building a bridge between the birth of an idea and its implementation, by providing three essential ingredients to the success sauce:

  • an established entrepreneur as mentor to accompany you in the clarification of your idea
  • the essential knowledge-set based on the best practical entrepreneurial skill-boosting content existing so far
  • suitable tools that you can use to test and manage the development of your idea into a real product

Successify is currently taking applications for their mentor-ship program, so if you are young and have a creative idea that you need help implementing, this is for you. Or you know someone; I don’t think there’s anyone who does not like to be helped, especially in a new venture.

Mind you, your creative idea is not necessarily a new thing that has not been done before. Read ‘novelty’. It does need to be an inspired one though, inject your personal creativity into the problem you want to fix.

Go on and register your idea here http://successify.me/mentorship-registration-idea-maker/

Creativity only starts with the generation of ideas, go and implement them!

Cheers 🙂


6 thoughts on “On The Successify Project

      1. Yeah,got d successifyMe link from U Lara,applied,still waiting for feedbac….glad I came across them,and proud to be associated with such a movement.Anything about Impact,am game!Friend,nice work You are doing in here,d Lord is your strength…Enjoy!

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