On A Learning Spree

I reckon most creative people go through a phase of self-discovery, where you try your hands – or feet – at several things; variants of your art. Even at that, a person should be known for something(s) in the long run.

I once heard someone speak on the subject of ‘Mastery’. I’m still trying to find my old notebook, but I can’t forget the message – when you become a master at whatever it is that you do, you will be sought out. That has never left me.

I believe strongly in the virtue of learning; not only of the unfamiliar, but also of the familiar. What am I saying? Natural talents and skills must be oiled and groomed with acquired knowledge. It is a worthwhile exercise to re-learn some of the things that come to us naturally. Your product or service gains the competitive edge when you get another viewpoint to what you do, because your scope is widened.

As an executive in a corporate setting, you can decide to stay in your comfort zone, wait for directives, and do everything that is required of you; OR you can resolve to make yourself indispensable to the firm. Ask questions, offer to help, and learn as much about the business as you can. Let’s face it – that really is the only job security you’ll ever have.

I like to say that I am on a learning crusade… lol. I’ve just got this insatiable appetite for knowledge, usually knowledge of making things. Its amazing how much wider your outlook becomes with each learning activity. Of course, it goes without telling that you go after the knowledge of stuff within your area of interest.


Creative people are naturally curious. We established that in a previous post – Connecting the Dots. Well, let it not stop at that. Become inquisitive and less passive about training and development activities.

Go pick someone’s brain. I mean, learn a different method of doing what you do and create a blend of the old and the new! It is a fact that change is constant in every niche; everything evolves continuously. You stay on your skill level too long, you become outdated.

My challenge to you today is, ‘Go for that training – you know which one. Then don’t ever stop again’. We’ve heard it said before: learning is a life-long activity.

Even our dear departed Madiba had something to say about it and I am dedicating this post to his beloved memory. He came, he saw (hell), and he conquered. I remain inspired by the impactful life that he lived!

“A good head and good heart are always
a formidable combination.
But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen,
then you have something very special.”

~Nelson Mandela


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