Creative Personality Profile: HOLU of Holucentric27

With great excitement, I present to you the maiden edition of our Creative Personality Profiles as we roll into the next phase of this creative project! We will be hosting some inspiring talents on these pages and I assure you, you are in for a roller coaster ride.

My encounter with Holu’s work on a social platform was purely by chance. They immediately struck me as great pieces that came from some deep place inside their craftsman. Further investigation of the personality behind them revealed a multi-talented and greatly inspired young lady.

Well, grab your pop corn and let’s discover together – HOLU: the great mind behind the brand.


We’d love to meet you

My name is Afolabi Oluwaseun Olamide, popularly know as Holu. I graduated with a first class degree in Economics in 2007 and I obtained a Masters degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Manchester in 2010. I am the 11th child and last daughter of my parents. I am a fashion lover and the CEO of ‘Holucentric27’. I also am the personal assistant to Kolawole Oyeyemi, the senior pastor of the Chapel of Uncommon Grace.

Give a brief introduction of your business endeavor

Holucentric27 is a one stop fashion house where we provide make up services, design and make trendy outfits, and also make shoes and accessories. I do not see my business as a local one but a conglomerate and a company that will employ thousands some day; a company that will determine what is acceptable or not in the fashion industry. I have also done a bit of modeling and I plan to have my own agency one day.

Do u see yourself as a creative individual and at what point did this happen? 

I am all about fashion and style because it’s a way of expression for me and it’s what I enjoy and do effortlessly. I see myself as a creative person and I’m definitely not scared to try new things like cutting my hair, dyeing it red or gold or blond; whatever works with the look I’m trying to create per time. I just go for it without a care in the world. LOL

What source(s) do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from several places. I follow a lot of fashion and style programs, blogs, and I pay attention to events around me. Whenever I can’t get something that I want, I just create it. Most importantly I have these flashes in the night when I can’t sleep. LOL. So my inspiration comes from God.

Describe your journey so far

I have always loved fashion and coming from a family with many children, I never liked wearing the same thing with my siblings. I always went in a different direction, I chose my fabric and designed my outfits and yes, they always cost more. People loved to see what I would come up with next and what I would be wearing. I gained confidence from the fact that even if I wear synthetic rubber, people never saw it as that, but a unique fashion piece and they always told me I could make rags look stylish. LOL.

I made my first real sketch of an outfit when I was to be the chief bridesmaid for my sister and it was a mint green dress with a cap sleeve and uneven ends. By 2006 I was a pro in sketching, and by 2009 I decided to go to a fashion school to learn how to transform my designs into real dresses because I was always dissatisfied when tailors make my dresses. I had a strong desire to have a one stop fashion house where clients can come in and get all they wanted in the same space, so I took a course on make-up artistry and I ventured into designing shoes and making accessories. From this point onward, I started doing a business plan and here I am today 🙂

Did you get discouraged at some point?

Discouragement has never been for me because I’ve always known it’s a God-given gift and all I have done has come from Gods leading. So not for one day have I felt discouraged. Rather, every set back has made me push harder, spending more on training to get better at all times.

What hurdles have you encountered and how are you dealing with them?

I have faced several challenges starting from having a lot of financial constraints and that was a major hurdle, but now my finances are more stable and so not an hindrance per se. It’s still a factor though, but not for much longer now.

Where do you plan to take this to?

The plan is to have my website and a YouTube channel where I talk about fashion and style and teach people about the original African way; to revere our heritage instead of copying the white.

What habits of yours would you say contribute to your creative output?

Persistence, diligence and patience are key habits that contribute to what I do and who I am because I would gladly stay up all night to achieve or get something done. An eye for beauty and a desire to be the best in all I set out to do, are also contributing factors. Most importantly, having God in my life helps me to never doubt myself, or pay much attention to what people say or think, especially if it’s coming from a place that is false.

Do you have mentors in the industry or people you look up to?

I have key people that I look up to; for make up it is Tai -Lo, her work is very inspirational. For clothing, I have so many of them on both local and international fronts because no one designer has all the elements that I look out for, so I pick bits here and there, but VOGUE is a major inspiration to me because I see my business and company growing to be better than them and becoming the hub of the fashion industry in the world.

How do you see the level of creativity and innovation in our society?

Today the level of creativity has really improved but it also got wild; where going nude is now fashion or going sheer is fashionable. I strongly believe that we don’t need to become mad people to express ourselves or to stay fabulous and beautiful. We can stay covered up and be all we wanna be. I’m not sure what the definition of creativity in our world is any more and this is what I want to change; to restore sanity into our world through fashion and in the process safe guard the future and mindset of our youth and everyone in general. You don’t need to be vulgar, sexist, or go stark naked before you can be accepted by your peers or be considered a stylish person.

How would you encourage aspiring creative business owners?

For the business owner, never get discouraged, keep pushing and be driven by a higher purpose beyond starting a business for the sake of just making money. For everything there is a time and a purpose. If you sow rightly, you will definitely reap; so stay focused and believe in what you do and know for sure why you do what you do.


….. And there you have heard from Holu of Holucentric27. Quite the dynamo, isn’t she? She looks forward to your feedback and engagements. She can be reached on  +2348066960663 or via email: She may also be reached on her Facebook page

Please use the comment box to share your views as well as any question you may have for her. Cheers 🙂

 Whenever I can’t get something that I want, I just create it ~ HOLU


14 thoughts on “Creative Personality Profile: HOLU of Holucentric27

  1. Wow, great piece and lovely products from Holu, really inspiring. Thanks multicreativeme for celebrating and promoting our own.

  2. This is breath taking……Nice concept..Wish Nigerians will pull out from their shell and discover themselves as masters not servants…Inspired!!!!!!

  3. This is a wow! Yes, such a brainny one Holu. Keep the flag flying. Creativity is limitless, just considering the fact you work as a P.A and own your business. Thanks for sharing @multicreativeme good work.

  4. Simply the best she is one lady who has a mind of her own and seeks to make the impossible possible. watch out Africa she is ready to explode

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