Creative Personality: Olufunke of Pink Rubies Concept

I recently met this delectable young lady and she’s just full of ideas and creativity. She’s got quite a number of tricks up her sleeves as you will see, yet she was in the process of learning a new skill when I “discovered” her. Lol.

Read excerpts from my chat with her:


We’d love to meet you

My name is Olufunke Mojisola Ogundimu, a beauty artist. I am a Computer Science graduate from Lagos State University. I run Pink Rubies Concept – a beauty Company.

Give a brief introduction of your business endeavor

At Pink Rubies Concept, we offer a wide range of services- Beauty Make over, tying of headgear, sales of cosmetics and training. I have always been a business oriented person; I started out early during my secondary school days and as I grew older, I gathered some experience working with business owners. My love for the beauty industry made me start Pink Rubies Concept.

Do u see yourself as a creative individual and at what point did this happen?

Yes I see myself as a creative person.
I guess it has always been a part of me. Whilst growing up, I used to make patterns and stuff from cardboard, and I could knit bags and caps. During my university days I was into bead making. I would say my creativity level just got better with time and is still improving daily.

What source(s) do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from everything around me – my Environment, incidences and God through his word.

Describe your journey so far – How did you get into what you do now?

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur and I had to work with several business owners in order to understudy them. I read books on starting a business and listened to talks as well.

Then I needed to decide on what business I would settle for. I wanted one that comes to me naturally and didn’t feel like work. My options included jewelry making, event planning, clothing line and make up. With prayers and all I settled for the beauty industry. Also, I chose make up because people were always asking if I was a makeup artist (I guess my personal make up always looked good to them). Plus my friends always wanted me to help with their make up when going out and I really enjoyed doing it.) That is how I started PINK RUBIES CONCEPT.

I registered pink rubies concept in april 2012, I enrolled for an intensive makeover training in june 2012, did my 1st bridal job in october 2012. I resigned from my former place of work, a clothing company, in dec 2012 after I made up my mind to face Pink Rubies fully.

Did you get discouraged at any point?

Yes, a lot. Because I had tried my hands at different businesses, people were like ‘is she into make up again?’ LOL! Some people even advised me to look out for something else because it’s a saturated industry.

What made you stick with it?

My passion for the art of makeup and the smiles I get from satisfied clients kept me going.

And where do you plan to take this to?

I plan to take it to the highest point, where my services would be rendered worldwide. Pink Rubies Concept is going to be a WORLD CLASS BRAND.

What hurdles have you encountered and how are you dealing with them?

At the beginning, gaining the trust of clients, but it’s better now and with more time we wouldn’t need to campaign much as our jobs would speak for themselves. Also, getting the right set of people that share similar values to join my team. It seems many people are in it just for the money and are not bothered about excellent service delivery.

What habits of yours would you say contribute to your creative output?

I would say my attitude. It says, ‘never give up no matter what.’ And ‘whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.’ I don’t joke with excellence. If I have to do it I give it my best shot.

How do you see the level of creativity and innovation in our society?

The level of creativity in our society has improved tremendously… People are taking risks and doing what wouldn’t have been done before and that has helped stamped our country on the world map. At the rate we’re going, the sky is just the beginning.

Do you have a mentor in the business or people whose work you respect?

I look up to people who were the first to give a face to our industry and have taken it to great heights; someone like Tara.
My very own mentor is Oluwaseun of my dazzle pro, I love her spirit and passion.

How would you encourage aspiring creative business owners?

Never give up, put in all your best and energy in doing what you do. The universe always finds a way of rewarding and making it work for you even beyond your expectations.


There you have her, our first make-up artist on the forum – Pink Rubies Concept. She looks forward to your remarks and questions. Do make use of the comment box.

She may be reached on 08032798416 and 08121343080. You may also E-mail her on

 I don’t joke with excellence. If I have to do it I give it my best shot – Olufunke Pink Rubies


20 thoughts on “Creative Personality: Olufunke of Pink Rubies Concept

  1. Wow! So proud of girl, she made me look beautiful on my wedding day. One thing I admire about her is her selfless service and her level of patience in her work. Really Excellent is her core value. We love U OLUFUNKY. Keep up the flying EAGLES my lady.

  2. Wow my blessed Funke you are just you, We are
    really proud of you. I know I can always rely on you.
    I love how your so creative and perfect in what you do. Love you so much. Keep doing what you do, for the sky is your beginning and not your limit.

  3. Wow dis is great funky!ur works have always bin captivating and proud of you girl! God bless U̶̲̥̅̊
    Richly for sharing dis inspiring words with us

  4. Funke luv, am nt suprise,bcos during our secondary sch dayz u always hv dis hustling spirit in u, selling of ur beads, clothes to us. Mummy is proud of u. Pink Rubies ll b a household name. Keep it up.

  5. Nyc one La’Funkies like I fondly call her. D sky is your stepping stone to greater things. My younger sis’s make-up on my engagement was flawless. Keep up d gud wrk

  6. Funke always show esteem dedication to what she does, am really not surprise. Continue doing your great work. You will be greater than your imaginations.

  7. *smiles* that is my sister, am proud of u. D fashion industry needs ur concepts bcos u really too creativity just to be making me look handsome. Love ur work.

  8. Funky dearie, I v not had d privilege to meet you in person, but we have so use to each other via social media, you are really a very creative and intelligent lady and I admired ur spirit a great lot! Am very positive that f sky is just d beginning of ur success story

  9. Hmmmmmm Lafunkies God bless you richly,this is inspiring and educating.I know she will go places because
    She has this drive in her to move forward and do something exceptional,something creative and something new.This is just a tip inside the goodies bag,she haven’t started just wait and see.This is a niceone mehn,a wonderful concept,keep the good work flying.God Bless You and all the team.

  10. I have known madam Pink Rubies for long and as a personal friend, i think the industry should watch out for her. And i think if everyone should work with this “I don’t joke with excellence. If I have to do it I give it my best shot” they wouldn’t need much publicity. Keep it up Funke.

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