How To Embrace A Life Of Creativity

Staying creative and discovering newness in the midst of ordinary life is a big challenge, but you can embrace creativity by having an open mind and absorbing new experiences.

It’s easy to fall into that ‘lazy’ trap and wallow in self pity, thinking how nothing is going right for you at the moment, and how life has not been particularly fair to you. However, don’t get into that negative mindset; instead, be open and embrace new experiences in life and make your daily life more creative and worthwhile.

Here are a few guidelines to help you along:

Be curious: Creative people are always interested in life. There’s a sense of wonder in them. So give in to your imagination and let it run wild. Be open to a host of possibilities. You never know what’s in store and you will find yourself surprised many times.

Make creativity a daily habit: They say creative people are known by their habits. Start small but do make it a habit. Make a commitment to yourself that you will take time out everyday to spend in thinking ‘creative’ or doing something creative. There is no match to the will of forming a daily habit and sticking to it.

Have your own little creative corner: It might sound odd but yes having a bright, colourful creative corner can give you a boost. Create a little space for yourself in the house and decorate it to your liking. Never mind if it’s just a work desk, but let it speak about your personality and allow you to be what you want to be even if it’s a for a little while.

Keep learning: There’s no age limit for learning new things. These days, most cities have lots of creative workshops like pottery, photography, cooking, baking, calligraphy and the likes. Enroll in one and revel in discovering a new creative high in your life. If languages fascinate you, learn a new language. Meeting new people will be an added advantage too.



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