Talk about challenging convention. These flowing dresses look like they’re made from a lightweight material and some lovely damsel is about to wear them to a fancy party. It is hard to belive though, that they will never be worn.

The dresses are actually made from Carrara Marble, a solid mass of marble that can weigh several tons. An artist remarkable in himself, Alasdair Thomson works on the hard marble, chiselling and sculpting these lovely creations.

His latest work, “The Identity Collection,” explores “the way fabric hangs and folds, and is attempting to capture that lightness and gracefulness in stone.”

The gentlemen are not left out, there are marble treats for you too. 🙂

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Airy Dresses Carved From Marble by Alasdair Thomson sculpture marble fashion clothing
Alasdair at work

Learn more about Alasdair on his website.


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