Creative Personality: Jokotimi Of TMG Divas

Cutie alert!!! This creative person is into cuties, cuteness, and all things cute. We feature a brand that you can only love.

She is an entrepreneur who is conscious of the richness in the African heritage and she does her cute bit to promote it – yeah, couldn’t resist saying it one more time :D. You need to see the adorable models

She is part of the new crop of Creatives, who are not afraid to go head to head with the foreign brands as her pride in her Nigerian heritage shows through in her designs.


We’d love to meet you

My name is Jokotimi Garba, a Lagosian married with two kids. I studied Mass Communication at the Lagos State University. I am very simple and fun to be with.

Give a brief introduction of your business endeavor

At TMG Divas, we make beautiful and extraordinary clothes, shoes, slippers and sandals for children in African fabrics, especially Ankara material. The business name is coined from my daughter’s initials.

Do u see yourself as a creative individual and at what point did this happen?

Yes, I see myself as a creative person. It all started in 2013, I had a deep longing to make my children look good and dress uniquely at every outing and also to promote our African culture. I was tired of UK and US wears and I did something about it.

What source(s) do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from my children and my environment.

Describe your journey so far – How did you start/ get into what you do now?

My journey so far has been wonderful and encouraging. I have come in contact with great and wonderful people who appreciate what I do.

I started in 2013, I didn’t want a white collar job because I wanted to have enough time for my kids. I really wanted to do something different after graduating in 2011.

Did you receive any training?

I worked at GOP fashion house in Yaba during my Diploma days. I learnt one or two things about fashion whilst there.

Did you get discouraged at any point?

Yes, I got discouraged at some point because some people around me had many doubts about if the business would be successful.

What made you stick with it?

What kept me going was the fact that I had the conviction that it will work out, I knew what I wanted and I felt extremely excited within myself.

What sets your work apart from others in your niche?

My designs are unique and extraordinary. Moreso, the fact that I specialize in children clothes with matching shoes and accessories, all in indigenous fabric, gives me an edge.

Where do you plan to take this to?

I see TMG Divas becoming a household name. I see us receiving local and international awards for promoting African culture in children fashion.

We encourage collaboration on this forum, so what are your other areas of interest?

My other area of interest is in event planning and execution.

What hurdles have you encountered and how are you dealing with them?

Delivering orders to people in other cities like Abuja, Kaduna, Kano, Asaba, Port Harcourt, Oshogbo, Abeokuta and Ibadan was an issue. I had to discuss with some transportation companies, I pay them and they help me do deliveries to other states.

What habits of yours would you say contribute to your creative output?

My habit of being critical! I see everything wrong in what most tailors around sew for kids and I feel compelled to make it right.

How do you see the level of creativity and innovation in our society?

There are so many creative people in Nigeria and I am impressed by the level of creativity in the country. I am proud to be a Nigerian.

Do you have mentors in the business or people you look up to?

I respect the works of Mrs Temitayo Oyetunji of GOP Fashion. Her works inspires me.

How would you encourage aspiring creative business owners?

Believe in yourself. Don’t give up on your dreams and sincerely ask God to help u achieve ur dreams.


Jokotimi can be reached on 08038633545 or BB pin:26E9E351. You may also check her out on her Facebook page.

About her location, she says – “My workshop is at Agege but I don’t encourage people to come there. I’m working on a place where customers can go and buy off the shelf. Wholesale and retail options available. Call me and let’s talk business”.

I was tired of UK and US wears and I did something about it – Jokotimi Garba




7 thoughts on “Creative Personality: Jokotimi Of TMG Divas

  1. These are very creative and original. Kudos to d designer. U don’t get to see a lot of creativeness in most of d wears down for children in Nigeria.

  2. Wow ur work is lovely nd I admire it so much hop to keep in touch wit u for wholesales nd for my kids too.

  3. Thank you somuch. I feel honoured and excited. If u are in th UK and u wanna order. I have someone there that u can talk to. Thank u and have a fruithful month.

  4. Waoh! I must confess u are a genuius.It takes patience to do all these.May God continue to b your strengt.I see you doing exploits,please keep the faith,u are shining already,u will continue to shine.
    Bless you! Shalom.

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