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Simple, Ingenious Inventions That Will Make You Smile

Many of us are creative on a daily basis. We come up with the simplest ideas to solve nagging problems, it’s just that we think they are too simple to be called inventions.

Actually, not all inventions have to be complicated. In fact, sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most ingenious.

Below are some simple ideas I found around the web that could make your everyday life a little bit easier or just make you smile. I particularly like the snuggle-friendly bed 😀

The No-Guess Door Hack:

A Cleaner Toilet Experience:

Cord Organization With Bread Ties:

Cord Containers:

Simple Refrigerator Organization:

Sand Shovels:

Ingenious Way To Fill a Bucket:

Security Lock for USB Drives:

Dollar Shredder Alarm Clock:

Paper Cup Holder:

Karate Chop Salad Chopper:

Snuggle-Friendly Mattress:

Portable Bike:

Food Tray for the Car:

(H/T: Pleated Jeans)